Chef John Folse “A Taste of Louisiana”

John Folse is another cajun with a TV cooking show. Chef Folse arrived on the TV cooking scene a little later than Justin Wilson, the “Cookin’ Cajun”, but was just as inspirational. Folse shows a more professional demeanor, more along the lines of legendary Chef Paul Prudhomme, the creator of “Blackened Redfish” (discovered by accident).

Chef John Fulse became increasingly popular with his 1990 cooking program “A Taste of Louisiana” and has hence risen to international renown.

Chef Folse has established himself as a successful businessman by selling many cookbooks, novels and children’s books over the years and owns Lafitte’s Landing Restaurant as well as the plantation where it is located. In 1994, the John Folse Culinary Institute was founded in Thibodaux, Louisiana, dedicated to Louisiana culinary traditions.

The one characteristic of Fulse that always stood out to me was his strong Louisiana cajun accent.

Steve D.

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