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As a Dallasite for nearly a quarter of a century, I was afforded the opportunity to critique’ practically every dining establishment worth mentioning in the entire DFW metroplex, first-hand. One of the highest rated was the 5 star French Room at the Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas. Only a couple of times did I venture into the French Room though the Hotel had a couple of other establishments that I frequented quite often. The Bistro Cafe across the parlor from the French Room and Walt Garrison’s Rodeo Bar & Grill down on the street level both had their own unique atmosphere, and not to mention, menu pricing.

Those were extremely good times during very good days! I miss them terribly and intend to get back down there the first chance I get.

Of course, Chef Dean Fearing at The Mansion probably holds the highest rating of restaurants in Dallas, but the competition is always tough… and a joy to evaluate.

Steve D.

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  1. The Hotel Adolphus was built by Annheuser-Busch founder Adolphus Busch in 1912. It was the tallest building in Texas until 1922 when the Magnolia Oil tower (with the rotating Pegasus on top) was built across Akard Street. The Magnolia Building was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River for 20 years. Adolphus had 20 older brothers and sisters, and 1 younger sibling.

  2. The old ballroom was gutted in 1979 and the 19th floor turned into guest rooms, but people still report hearing “big band” music coming out of it. The rumor is that is haunted by a girl in a white dress who hung herself there when her fiance’ skipped out on her the day of her wedding.

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