Welcome to Fusion Culinaire
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While fusion cuisine oftentimes refers to certain Asian culinary styles, "fusion" as it relates to this food blog is more general, as in the melding of various styles of cuisines.

Started in December of 2011, Fusion Culinaire is a food blog created with the intent of serving as a common repository for all of my recipes which had become spread out among several different "foodie" social sites like Group Recipes, Foodista, Foodbuzz, as well as my personal blog. It then grew to include restaurant experiences, kitchen tips, and other culinary related material.

Gathering with friends

Fusion Culinaire has since evolved into a community of visitors who share that common passion for "all things culinary."

Please feel free to join in and share your recipes, ideas, and comments, by sending a quick message through the contact page or by using the site comments.

Thanks for visiting Fusion Culinaire!


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